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Situational  (S.W.O.T.) Analysis

SMS’s exclusive SWOT Analysis methodology
allows you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats quickly and efficiently.

This type of analysis is a valuable strategic planning tool. It examines your internal Strengths, internal Weaknesses, external Opportunities, and
external Threats at all levels of company operations. It evaluates the viewpoints, experience and knowledge base of all the key players whose opinion truly matters. It identifies and clarifies strategic issues that are critically important to the success of the enterprise in ways that separate
fact from opinion. It also:

 Examines personal perceptions of strategic goals and objectives.
Prevents having to rely solely on executive suite intuition.
Challenges all unexamined assumptions, procedures, and policies.
Identifies most imprtant priorities and clarifies what must be done next.
Enables all key personnel to get involved in strategic planning process.

A well executed SWOT Analysis is the first step in the development of a master strategy that coordinates all company activities and resources into a seamless force that continually adds value at every level of operations. The process is analogous to how a physician works. It examines the company's existing condition. It diagnoses the condition to determine what options are available. It then chooses the best option (or options) and prescribes accordingly.

“Above all, a good SWOT Analysis lays the foundation on which to build a sound business plan that takes you to the next level of successful growth.”

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